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Crypto Minute TV - “As Seen on TV” – Just those 4 words alone can make all the difference…in fact, they usually do - especially during prime times and on major business and investment networks with a global audience in the hundreds of millions. That’s where you’ll see the leaders in all major sectors around the world…on TV.

Crypto Minute TV – Is aired during the most popular Crypto and Blockchain dedicated programs on television such as “Exploring the Block” seen weekly on FOX Business with a viewership of over 95 Million households nationwide and Bloomberg Television with over 120 million subscribers and a reach of over 437 million households worldwide and ION TV with a viewership of over 100 million households nationwide – add to that CNBC with a high-level audience comprising the top 20% of income earners. That is a combined global audience of over 600 million households.

Crypto Minute TV - Can put the eyes of the Crypto world directly on your Crypto enterprise, brand, services or products on all major TV, Cable and Satellite networks including PBS in both domestic and international markets. We also offer major radio and print media opportunities such as Forbes, Fortune and Time magazines. Our audience is your audience – Crypto Minute TV can effectively deliver your message to all of those audiences.

Crypto Minute TV - Features promotional segments presented in a business/news studio format with a professional host showcasing your company, services, products and opportunities with your website and contact information prominently displayed on screen while effectively delivering your content and unique message to the Crypto community.     

Crypto Minute TV - Offers full in-studio and on-location production capabilities (including on the actual trading floor of the NASDAQ and NYSE) on optimal broadcast venues and times to fit your company’s specific needs and budget. We can even use content provided directly by you. You can also use your “Crypto Minute TV” segment as an “As Seen on TV” promotional for your website, Social Media and other marketing efforts.

Crypto Minute TV – Will work closely with major television and radio networks and programs and especially your organization to identify the optimal times and venues to maximize the effectiveness and results of your segments. We all want you to succeed…spectacularly! Major networks and Crypto programs that broadcast around the world will now have a vested interest in your success! That’s what “Crypto Minute TV” can do for you and your Crypto enterprise – we put the most powerful names in media and broadcasting to work for you.

Crypto Minute TV – Can not only deliver your Crypto enterprise’s message to every major media outlet but also to our global Crypto sector audience via our website, Radio, Print, Social Media platforms and subscriber databases specifically dedicated to those interested in the Crypto sector including potential investors, partners, advertisers, sponsors, content providers, clients and more. If they’re not coming to you – let “Crypto Minute TV” bring you to them.

Crypto Minute TV Will also promote your partnership with us as part of our ongoing marketing efforts including Newswire releases, media interviews, articles, Podcasts and video segments provided directly to all major Crypto audiences to dramatically increase the awareness and effectiveness of your program.

Crypto Minute TV – Gives your Crypto sector enterprise that competitive edge to help you gain and maintain market share and exposure that is both effective and affordable – “Crypto Minute TV” offers advertising, sponsorship or content providing opportunities customized to fit your company’s specific needs and budget.

Crypto Minute TV – There’s nothing else like it…

We look forward to seeing you on TV!


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