The Crypto Revolution Will Be Televised


AS SEEN ON TV” – And Then There’s Everyone Else

Programs and Pricing

“Crypto Minute TV” in association with our partners at BGTV Direct – Worldwide Media Solutions have long standing and well established relationships going back over three decades with every major television and radio network as well as all major business/news print publications and satellite/cable providers – in both domestic and international markets. As a “Direct Media Provider” we are able to provide our clients extremely discounted media pricing plans that maximize your advertising budget at rates you will not find anywhere else. This could even include your current media marketing efforts – we’d be more than happy to provide you a comparison quote upon request.

Yes – Thanks to “Crypto Minute TV” your Crypto enterprise can afford to advertise on major TV and radio networks and programs during prime times and directly to Crypto sector audiences with our unique media programs specifically designed to meet your company’s needs and budget. “Crypto Minute TV” can literally put the eyes and ears of the world directly on your Crypto enterprise!

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Your Program…Your Budget…Your Choice

“Crypto Minute TV” understands that each Crypto Enterprise’s needs, message, offerings and budget can vary significantly – as does television, print and radio advertising rates depending upon specific networks, programs, broadcast times and days, country, region, the number of segments broadcast and even the time of year. That is why our highly skilled and professional media relations team will work closely with your organization and the various networks and venues every step of the way to help identify and implement the optimal media program for your organization to maximize effectiveness and results and within your budget.

“Crypto Minute TV” has complete in-house and on-location production capabilities and can even use content provided directly by you. (per network guidelines). We can also suggest several methods for your organization to begin capitalizing on your now, “AS SEEN ON TV” status to further increase market exposure and brand awareness such as on your website, Social Media and other marketing platforms.

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We ALL want your program to succeed – because your success is our success.

Think about the opportunities for your Crypto enterprise when you have the largest and most watched networks in the world and the top Crypto sector programs and mediums ALL working together to help you succeed. “As Seen On TV” – Four little words that can change everything…and they usually do.

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